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3D animator
Degree in Technology in Web Development with a specialization in arts and digital media.
Working with animation 3D and 2D cutout for film, TV series and digital games with career in studios as LightStarstudios, BatPro, TV Penguin, Hype CG ,Great Studio and IGS Game Solution, Monoanimation, Latitude Filmes, Dog Can Fly Studio.
Other works as an animator are: television advertisements for, MTV, Sulamérica, and Metlife.

TV Series: Diário de Pilar, Mundo Ripilica, Doggy Day School, Fishtronaut, Shown Luna, Jonalu, SOS Fada Manu and Dino Adventures and Feature Films like: Sheeps and Wolves and Snow Queen 3, Tarsilinha.



Rogério Souza Britto


Maya, Blender, ToonBoom, 3DMax, Photoshop, After Effects

About me


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All works © Rogerio Souza Britto 2013.
Please do not reproduce without the expressed written consent of Rogerio Souza Britto. Powered by Wix.

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