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I took part in the challenge on the Agora _animCHalenger website Feb 24, the theme was Kaiju, To create animation with creature- monster, during15s.
In my spare time I did the layout, animated the characters, edited and put some effects in After Effects


My Study Animation in the Lupin House School with Mentor Nicholas Nosbakken.
And I tried to created the history and Nicholas help me about cameras, animation, body language, Lipsync and..It Was the great experience.


Study Acting and test animation  with 15fps, I used Maya and  EbSynth to render artist.

Study Acting to Contest animation  of the site Spungella.Theme(Shut up)

I worked using the Blender, I think that a fantastic tool....I have me funny for  it. I Like study and to work.
My idea is:
THe Racon explore a mistery florest... and with all carefull he trie to keep the silence, but  your friend is in panic in the florest breaking the silence.....until fall your mouth of face.
I hope that you like.

Study game.

I`ve litle contact with animation to game...Also I m studyng some logics and to my understanding of like working the animation.
I made mixer sound of zombies and the character girl shoting them.
The video of studies in WIP...


Old Studies to modeling and lighting

Study Acting.

This study was to acting...I would like of make something funny,also to use props and vehicle. I like almost always with context the scenario and camera, I think that help in the photograph of the scene.
Obs. The scene is rendering.


Scape Planet-Study creatures-WIP

Studyng body mechanics, Acting.The scene is in work in progress.
Im wanting to do some with creatures between body mechanics and acting....Creating moving cam.. added composie sounds too.


Workshop Fall 2017

Mentor: Marlon Nowe


Student Animation Acting

Realese RIder tecnico6.PNG
Realese RIder tecnico3.PNG
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